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Five Briefcase Features to Avoid

To ensure the purchase of the best quality briefcase, we wanted to provide some buying tips and features to avoid.  Here are five briefcase features to avoid:

  1. Some briefcases that zip at top have zippers that do not extend around the corner of the bag to allow full expansion of the inner compartments. What happens with these briefcases over time, is that the zippers eventually break, because of the restriction of space and access to the bag.  Instead, look for models that have zippers that extend over the curvature of the bag, even to the bottom, if possible.
  2. Briefcases that do not have a proper supporting shoulder strap. Some leather briefcases are quite large, yet offer a narrow shoulder strap, which is going to dig into your shoulder, and ultimately make the briefcase swoop in the middle.
  3. Pockets and organizational compartments are helpful, but if you have too many pockets and compartments that don’t expand to the outside, you are reducing the amount of content you can actually carry in the bag.
  4. The best leather briefcases will have feet on the bottom or built-up gusseted legs that support the bag when resting on the floor, otherwise the bottom is going to get trashed and the laptop will not be protected.
  5. When looking for a leather laptop briefcase, get one that has a specific padded compartment for the laptop. When you make do with a briefcase that is not built for a laptop, you risk damage to the computer, and also wear down the briefcase over time, at the sides and bottom.

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