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We are writing today about mens travel briefcases … there are meeting briefcases and there are travel briefs that have specific features that make your traveling easier! See lens concerning Mens Travel Briefcases.

What to look for in a mens travel briefcase, whether its a wheeled bag or hand-held case, are plenty of outside pockets, for easy reach, so you can clairechase mens travel briefcase1 Mens Travel Briefcasesquickly stash certain items. Make sure the laptop pocket is padded and fits your laptop, get the internal measurements from seller prior to purchase. The briefcase should be light-weight, perhaps, consider nylon if you don’t want to add a few pounds for the leather, although leather is a far better investment.

If you are choosing a bag with a telescopic handle, make sure this is made for rough handling, and has sturdy locking points. Many times the telescopic handles are too light and flimsy to hold up over time. Also make sure your handle is steel or durable lightweight steel or wood, covered by leather.
solo rolling leather briefcase2 Mens Travel Briefcases



This SOLO leather wheeled briefcase has a front fold-out pocket, with push button telescopic handle that extends for taller travelers.  Also the case carries a 17 inch laptop, horizontally, with padded pocket cushioning. The rolling catalog case also has an organizer on the back side of the lid for easy reach.

Good luck choosing your travel briefcase!

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