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Ten Leather Purchases to Improve Your Professional Image

With today’s economy, perhaps we cannot update our look with ten purchases, but perhaps one or two. Similar to the dressing guideline, It’s better to have one good suit than 3 cheap suits, we believe it’s best to have one good men’s leather briefcase and over time, add to your accessories with quality, not quantity. Below you will find ten leather purchases that will definitely make an impact on your professional image, and some tips for purchasing those quality leather items.

1. Men’s Leather Briefcase or Attache Case: As with all leather purchases, match your briefcase purchase to your profession or lifestyle. An example of this is if you are a lawyer, you may want to consider a lawyer briefcase that gives the immediate impression that you are a successful attorney. Details, like size and quality of leather and frame construction, are very important when carrying heavy files and a computer. Brass hardware, tight stitching, full leather shoulder straps with plenty of padding make a nice impression. A tip for attaché case purchase is to consider the quality of the locks, and the hinge hardware should allow the lid to prop up; wood frame is heavy, light weight steel frame is popular.

On the other hand, you may be a carpenter and need a lightweight messenger style briefcase that allows you to have hands free, yet keeps you organized with your business media, and perhaps a small laptop to show your plans graphically. In both examples, we recommend always to spend that $20, $50, even $100 more to get what you really need in a briefcase investment. Here is a briefcase article that may be helpful to you: Ultimate Mens Leather Briefcase.

2. Women’s Leather Briefcase: This purchase can be challenging, since there are so many styles, sizes and colors of ladies briefcases, i.e. traditional brief, female lawyer briefcase, laptop tote, business handbag or even a wheeled briefcase is an option, and some are detachable. Match your style to your profession. The carriage style and weight of your briefcase is important. Consider the items you really need to carry on an everyday basis, and measure your laptop for a successful purchase.

3. Laptop Messenger Bag: This type of laptop bag offers a lot of versatility, and the main benefits are that you have hands free, and more even distribution of weight across your body. Many of these messenger bags will tote a small laptop, and most all will accommodate your cell phone, pens, business cards and personal items. Consider a vertical laptop messenger bag to maneuver easily on airplanes and crowded places.

4. Leather Notepad: In addition to a new briefcase, a new leather notepad is sure to be noticed immediately by your peers and superiors. There are many types of notepads, some have 3 ring binders inside, some have a planning system, some buckle or zip. Typically, a classic fine leather notepad with some pockets on the left or right side work out fine. If you are left handed, search for a convertible leather notepad, one that has 2 slots for the notepad so you can flip it around, and also that the pockets on the opposite side are perpendicular so the contents won’t fall out when you switch the pad. Consider your organization style, and your briefcase color and be sure it will fit in your briefcase.

5. Wheeled Leather Laptop Case: This is the icing on the cake! Unlike the ballistic  nylon cases, yours will definitely stand out, and will definitely make an impressive statement. The tip, of course, is to make sure it fits the carry-on measurements for the airplanes (and exact airplanes) you frequently travel, because you always want it to be carry-on approved, as the alternative is a scratched-up leather investment (which by the way, we think is still better than nylon). Wheeled laptop cases usually accommodate a 15.4 inch laptop and smaller, and some will tote a 17 inch laptop. In the case of the 17 inch laptop, you may need to consider a rolling catalog case (a more squared off case).

6. Laptop Backpack: Again, match to your profession. There are professional leather laptop backpacks available that keep your hands free while on the move, and also convert to a briefcase with a top handle. The tip is to make sure the back straps are padded and wide enough to not cut into your body. Also, try to find a model that will allow you to carry as a sling bag, for a change.

7. Men’s Leather Duffel Bag: A leather duffel bag is always an impressive travel surprise. There are professional leather duffel bags that can be used as a club bag, as well as a travel bag. The tip on this purchase is to get it big enough and inside the carry-on measurement requirement. There should be a carry handle(s), as well as a heavy-duty shoulder strap.

8. Leather Toiletry Bag: This is your personal taste, since most of your travel mates will not be checking out your toiletry bag. Some things to consider are water resistance and shape. Some models come with the small bottles that fit perfectly into the dopp kit or cosmetic bag. It is important to decide between the hang over the door knob type, or the classic zip style. Some even have shoulder straps, for the serious traveler. Make sure it fits into your overnight bag; some of the flatter models pack very well.

9. Leather Necktie Case: Again your travel buddy won’t be checking this out, but it definitely will ensure that crisp tie needed at the important meeting. Some tie cases store your jewelry, as well. The zip closure is best.

10. Wheeled Leather Carry-on Suitcase: The obvious tip here, is to get inside the carry on measurements. Decide whether compartments are really that important to you, or whether you need mainly garment storage. Compartments are an excellent feature, especially a padded laptop compartment and an outside zipper pocket. However, each unique compartment uses more of the available space in its construction.

We recommend placing the larger part of your budget on the briefcase and notepad, as these two items get handled more, show intent, and are immediately visible to your peers and superiors. In all cases, buy quality from a reputable business and a reputable brand, with a return policy and good manufacturer warranty.

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