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The Differences Between a Mens Leather Briefcase and Simulated Leather

Simulated leather has become a popular choice for those whose want to save money, but when it comes to a mens briefcase, it’s not always the best way to go.  Faux leather is made of non-animal materials and is designed to replicate the look of genuine leather.  It’s cheaper than using real animal skins, however, it isn’t as long lasting as high quality leather.

A mens leather briefcase has a distinctive, silky smooth feel to it.  When made with high quality materials and well cared for, a genuine leather briefcase or tote can last for years.  Faux leather may look real at first, but further inspection shows that it does have several key differences.  A briefcase made from fake leather usually has an artificially smooth feel to it and can have a chemical odor on it, thanks to the materials that it is made of.  Real leather will have a distinct scent that faux leather simply can’t replicate.

While purchasing a fake leather mens briefcase may seem like a great way to save money, it often ends up costing more in the end.  Genuine leather bags are designed to last with proper care, while faux bags are typically made using inexpensive materials that can easily fall apart after a few months of use.  For those who need both durability and style, a leather briefcase is the best way to go.

To make sure that you are buying genuine leather, look for a tag inside the bag that notes what it is made of.  Steer clear of any bags that boast “mad made materials”, as this is a clear indication that it is made from faux materials.  Carefully examine the edging where the fabric was cut.  Real leather will look rough around the edges, while faux leather will look and feel more like plastic and have a consistent edge to it.  Examine the pores found on the surface of the briefcase as well, as faux leather has distinct, consistently patterned pores, while pores on real leather are more irregular.

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